This is the Australian Anthem. Did you know that the Commonwealth also has an Anthem? Klick here and check it out! 🙂

Let’s get started 😉

You have watched at least one of the videos in class so now you have an impression of what Australia can be like. In the next step, you are going to compare the Australian, or AUSSIE, culture with the culture of Germany.

Writing a cover letter

Last year, you learned how to write a formal as well as an informal letter. This year, you learn how to apply for a job with a suitable cover letter. You emphasize on how to write as well as how to proofread it. The latter is a very important skill because it helps you to improve your texts – be it a formal letter, a cover letter or an essay. But before it gets confusing, let’s do it step by step 🙂

  1. Learn how to proofread your own texts.
  2. Elaborate the necessary vocabulary.
  3. There are some important points you should think of when you write a good cover letter. Find out how to write a cover letter to the job and discover the four „must-have“s of your cover letter.
  4. Name the different parts of a cover letter and make up a checklist you can use while writing.
  5. Now practice: Look for job ads on the internet. With the help of your checklist (step four), write a cover letter to the jobs. Afterwards, proofread your texts with the help of your proofreading checklist (step one).

Finished? – Then check out the following Australian musicians. They made history with their songs.

Musicians you should know    😉

Click here for the lyrics.