Grammar Revision

Here, you are going to recapitulate the Gerund, the Simple Present, as well as the Simple Past. Click on the exercise, to see the worksheets, and click on the solutions to compare your results.




Simple Present:



Simple Past:



Do not forget to evaluate the exercises on your overview.

New Grammar

The Passive Voice



Describing Pictures

Why do you think is it necessary to be able to describe a picture? Click on this worksheet and find out how to describe a picture properly. Click here to find 20 more pictures to describe.

California – The Golden State

Before you start watching to the following video, please create a mindmap. Write down everything you know about California.

Now watch the following video: California – The Golden State.

After having watched the video, add new information to your mindmap about California. Do this twice at least. Click on Outdoor Activities to learn what you can do in “The Golden State”.

Here are another two classics you should know :) The first one is from 1977, a couple of years older than I am … ;) Klick here to get the lyrics.

The second one is from 1966, even older ;) Klick here for the lyrics.

Third this song is also a classic about San Francisco. It is from 1969, a time of “love, peace, and harmony” :) . Clicke here for the lyrics.

Fourth and last, a song from 1972. It is about Southern California. Click here for the lyrics. Listen and enjoy !!! :)

After having discovered so many nice aspects about California, you are going to learn step-by-step how to write three different kinds of texts:

  1. Informal Letters
  2. Formal Letters

In order to write a good text, there are very important steps to take. Do you know them? Do you want to find out? Then click here :) When you write, it’s alright to make mistakes. In order to learn from them, it is a smart trick to have an overview over which mistakes you make, because now you can learn from them, and, in the end, avoid making them – is that not great?? :)




You are about to learn the new vocabulary. First, read the overview, before you go through the following stations.

Part One


Part Two


Part Three


Part Four


Station 1: Get to know the words
Station 2: Spelling!
Station 3: Explaining!
Station 4: Remember the meaning!
Station 5: EXTRA!

Make a tick in the overview if you understood the task.

After having learned so much about CA, read the texts in your English book and take notes. Use this mindmap as a structure. Print it on DIN A 3 so you have enough space to write.

In the end, plan a 10-day trip through CA. Here are the worksheets you need (G-, G/E-, E-Level) plus the role cards, name badges, and the timetable. Enjoy! :)

Have you finished? Click here to learn more about Georgia, a state in the southeast of the USA.