Introducing the USA

Here you can find the lyrics. Do you also know the German Anthem? Klick here if you don’t.

Before you start working on the topic “USA”, answer the following question by creating a poster with a mindmap:

What do you already know about the USA?

Be prepared to present your poster. If you have worked in a group, you will have to prepare a group presentation, of course. If you have worked alone, you will present on your own.

Watch this to get a funny overview :) :

If you want to learn the 50 States by heart, watch this song :) – Enjoy!

Click here to see the lyrics.

Here are more exercises to get to know better the USA:

For the fast ones :) For the fast ones :) – Solution

Reading Comprehension # 1Reading Comprehension # 1 – Solution

In the following part you will learn the new vocabulary. First, read the overview, before you go through the following stations.

Station 1: Get to know the words – Do both!

Station 2: Remember the words and their meaning – Do both!

Station 3: Spell the words correctly – Choose one!

Station 4: Play the game – Choose one!

Make a tick in the overview.

Before you continue with the next unit, make sure you know the following people:

And here another classic you should have heard of when you discover the USA:

Here you can find the lyrics, and, by the way, the video is part of the movie “Rocky IV”, one of the film classics of the 1980s :) .

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